Top 10 Inspiring Articles of December

© Jonathan Magnin

#1 - Derek Sivers:

How to do what you love and make good money

Let's say the only thing you love more than salty food is sweet food... it's often difficult to mix them and get something good out of it. 

The obvious approach of this article might change how you plan your career. 

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#2 - Craft Your Content:

Don’t Read Books, Read Authors

As we spend hours learning online, this article opens up a perspective to access the author's mind by reading between the lines. Worth a read. 

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#3 - Fizzle:

10 small business trends for 2017 and beyond

An experienced look from Corbett at what is hot, what's not that hot anymore and what won't change. 


#4 - Travelettes:

How to feel at home anywhere

Missing home? These little useful tips will make you feel better. 


#5 - Chris Brogan:

My 3 Words for 2017

I know, it's a January article, but it makes more sense to read this article now… and to come up with your words!  


#6 - Be My Travel Muse:

The Science Behind Why We Love to Travel

Looking for adrenaline on your trips? Then you're looking for a chemical reaction inside of you. Traveling is a time to push yourself, otherwise when?


#7 - Nomadic Matt:

Travel: The ultimate personal development tool

Whether you want it or not, something's gonna change in you while traveling. Read on to realise how much you can actually improve. 


#8 - Science of People:

How to Host a Game Night

Our lives are too serious and sometimes too lonely... so why not hosting a game night and get wild with a few friends? 


#9 - Buy1 Give1:

Empowerment not Handouts: An Inspiring Interview with Free to Shine Founder Nicky Mih

An inspiring story about the impact a business can have when donating to an association while doing business (B1G1 concept). 

Great example about choosing prevention instead of cure too. 


#10 -Money Nomad:

12 Hacks Digital Nomads Need to Know

A few useful reminders that nowadays a lot is possible online. 

Jonathan Magnin