Top 10 Inspiring Articles of January

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#1 - Remoters

7 Remote Work Trends to take into consideration in 2017

Working remotely is taking off. Here are 7 trends to get a good understanding of the current situation of the global remote work.

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#2 - The Suitcase Entrepreneur

3 startling mistakes that are blocking your productivity (and how to fix them)

3 common mistakes and their productive solutions for us that need to work on the go


#3 - Travelettes

22 ways loving yourself is the foundation for beautiful adventures

Loving yourself SHOULD BE the foundation in everything you do. Here are some essential reminders.

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#4 - The Wherever Writer

Why You Should Use a VPN While Traveling

The interest we have to use a VPN on the go, and which ones to consider. 


#5 - Pommie Travels

How To Fly Business Class For Cheap (Or Free)

As a digital nomad, we're often on a plane. Enjoy these few travel hacks to fly premium!


#6 - Republic of Freedom

The Roar of Freedom

A short article to remind us to not care so much about others feelings! 


#7 - Be My Travel Muse

7 Easy Steps to a More Authentic Travel Experience

How to get more meaningful connections on the go by using the right approach. 


#8 - Tropical MBA

Hiring Less to Make More

Software is taking over many parts of our jobs… here's a few things to consider. 


#9 - Nomadic Matt

14 Major Scams to Avoid

Let's face it: often, traveling far from home, we really look like tourists. That can make us easy targets if we're not careful. 


#10 - The Blog Abroad

Travel or a Relationship: Why Are Women Having to Choose?

A woman's point of view about the possibility to travel while being in a relationship. 

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