Top 10 Inspiring Articles of February/March


#1 - Onestep4ward

Money ISN’T the Goal, Freedom Is

Is money coming first in the digital nomad community?


#2 - Go Milena

Challenges of Life As a Digital Nomad (And How I Overcome Them)

As it's not always fun and easy, here are great pieces of advice for 10 common challenges.


#3 -Travelettes

4 strategies to change the way you travel forever

What not considering your trip a pilgrimage? It could deepen your whole experience…


#4 - Chris Ducker

Passion vs Profit : Which One Will Build a Stronger Business?

Pursuing your business idea with a primary profit mentality lets you make quicker decisions about when to keep going and when it’s time to pivot, while passion might just tell you to keep going. 


#5 - Vicky Flip Flop

The Strangest Things About Being Home After Long Term Travel

Inspiring post about what happens when you're back home!


#6 - Niah Knows

How a backpack changed my life

Stop seeing stuff as essential to the success of your trip or to know who you are… 


#7 - Be my travel Muse

25 Promises for All the Single Ladies Who Travel

Girl, are you on the edge to travel? Read this and pack :) 


#8 - Craft your content

Keeping fresh eyes

Writers must shake things up!


#9 - Fluent in 3 months

How to Create a Language Hacker’s Cheat Sheet

Learning a new language? That cheat sheet should be your first goal. 


#10 - Chris Brogan

How To Get Started in Videoblogging

Start video blogging! It might seem daunting, but many benefits are just a video away. Here's a useful guide to start it. 

Jonathan Magnin