Top 10 Inspiring Articles of November

Colombia © Jonathan Magnin

#1 - Singularity Hub:

Forget Building Walls, Technology Is Tearing Them Down

Technology remove the barriers of language, residency and currency. Our identities become global, which makes us finally more united. 


#2 - Republic of freedom:

I believe in us

An inspiring reminder that now is the best and easiest time to use your voice and stand for what you believe. (short video)


#3 - Science of people:

How to Succeed Using the Secrets of the Most Innovative Entrepreneurs

A useful summary of the 5 most important takeaways from Eric Ries' famous book, The Lean Startup. 


#4 - Location Rebel:

Self Motivation: 10 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

What to do when you procrastinate? Here are 10 creative suggestions that will help you move forward. 


#5 - Chris Brogan:

Go on a media diet

Get back your time! A crucial look on the biggest waste of time of the 21st century... are you concerned?


#6 - B1G1:

Why Buy One Give One Companies Really DO Help

Get inspired with this article from B1G1 - one of the easiest way to include a "giving back" model to your own business. 


#7 - Travelettes:

Here's how to represent travel on your resume

Bring a smart perspective on your resume after exploring some remote territories... of course it was a rich and useful experience!


#8 - The remote nomad:

How to Make Sure You Always Have 'Good Internet' as a Digital Nomad

A quick and helpful guide to make sure you got good internet on your trip!


#9 - Freelancers Union :

Why writing about your passion might be the perfect side gig

An overview of why finding what's unique about you and writing about it might be the most important thing you could do online.  


#10 - Craft Your Content:

16 Uncommon Gifts for Writers and Entrepreneurs in 2016

It's soon Christmas. Maybe being on the road for a few years now made me quite a minimalist. So I don't know about you, but having a list of actually useful presents feels like a life-saver. 

Jonathan Magnin