Top 10 Inspiring Articles of October

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#1 - StoryV:

The Pros And Cons Of Becoming Location Independent

Here is a thoughtful and caring article to help you consider taking the leap and go nomad!

fluent in 3 months

#2 - Fluent in 3 months: 

Get Ready to Travel and Master the Basics of a Language in Just 7 Days

Super useful step by step guide to master the basics of any language

The travelling freelancer

#3 - The Travelling Freelancer

7 reasons to say yes to adventure

Adventure is always a temptation, but if you've been hesitating to go wild, here are the reasons that will end the convincing.


#4 - Fizzle

3 reasons to never take another job

Need a kick in the ass to work for yourself? Here you have it, enjoy. 


#5 - Taylor Pearson

The 70% Rule: How to Move Fast and Break Things

Why speed matters, and why you need to ship what you do earlier than what you actually plan…

Smart blogger

#6 - Smart Blogger

The Five Most Realistic Ways to Make a Living as a Writer

To write, you don't need a fixed location, making it a popular option for nomads.

But what are the real options to make money?


#7 - Travelettes

6 reasons to be a morning person when you travel

How travelling can change your routine, and the sweet advantages of getting up earlier.

Republic freedom

#8 - Republic of Freedom: 

8 tips to help you get over imposter syndrome right now

Practical - and fun - recommendations to boost your confidence... and take action.

Niah Knows

#9 - Niah knows

From the perspective of a train station

Travelling brings new perspectives, often unexpectedly. This short story is about timeless train stations!

Freelancers Union

#10 - Freelancers Union:

Freelance Isn't Free and the future of freelancing

The NYC Council just passed "The Freelance Isn’t Free Act", extending unprecedented protections against nonpayment for millions of NYC freelance workers. Meaning new protecting rights for freelancers are on their way...

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