Top 10 Inspiring Articles of September

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#1 - Derek Sivers

Why are you doing?

This article is about making sure you know what you want, and then optimising your life for it. Being overwhelmed with choice is a serious issue that affects many of us, mostly without realising it.

Get the necessary food for thought with this article, and get clear about what you really want. 


#2 - The Travel Intern:

Young Singaporean travels to work with rioters and refugees around the world

A totally different and inspiring approach on traveling. The author brings an alternative vision on the usual media coverage of crisis in several countries that nomads would usually avoid. 


#3 - StoryV

66 Magazines And Websites That Pay You To Write About Travel

Want to get paid while traveling? Here's a solid list of sites that will help you make this a reality. 


#4 - Webflow

Why your client needs a responsive website - not an app

Are you a designer or a developer? Learn why building an app for your client is usually not the best idea. Great insights about this counter intuitive conception. 


#5 - B1G1

Metrics Matter: How to Measure Success and Happiness in Business

You got a business. How do you measure its success? This article will bring you clarity to measure the things that actually matter. 

Money Nomad.png

#6 - Money Nomad

7 Tips for Making Extra Money While you Freelance

Are you worried about how you will pay your bills if you quit your job to freelance? Here are a few practical ideas that you can apply during your transition.

empire flippers

#7 - Empire Flippers

How to Create a Mind Map (And the Best Apps for It)

So you got an idea. This article will present you methods and apps to develop it right from the beginning, breaking down in a very detailed way your central idea to increase your chances of success. 

Chris brogan

#8 - Chris Brogan

Sing the Hell Out of Your Song

Having a tagline, a storyline is crucial for your business but hard to nail. Here you will find a few copywriting and contextual tips to help you find yours. 

nomadic matt

#9 - Nomadic Matt

10 common questions about solo female travel

Traveling as a woman can be challenging. But this article will help you alleviate your anxiety and inspire you to get on the road. 

science of people

#10 - Science of people:

The One Thing I Wish I Had Known

Do you have a learning bucket list? Pretty uncommon, but this single thing can make you feel good, fulfilled and it's even good for the health! 

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